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Pin your Business to Google Maps to Improve SEO

Google My Business centralizes various Google services and allows businesses to add and edit a
variety of Google, Maps, and Google + related information in one place.

By creating a Google My Business account, you can add information that will be visible to
people when they search for you on Google, Maps, and Google +.

From this account, you can pin your business to a Google map, make sure your business hours
and phone number are displayed when people search for your business, allow your customers
to rate your business. Your business with stars (Google Reviews) and post comments about you,
By accessing your account, you can also view some statistics such as the number of routes
requests made to get to your business.

It’s all accessible via the web platform and the Google My Business app for iOS and Android,
and all you need is a Google email address to sign up for.
Google My Business allows you to manage your business presence on Google, Google Maps,
and Google + while giving you a window when people search for it. Plus, it’s free. Here are
some good reasons to open an account!

Pin your Business on Google Maps

What is your reflex when you want to find the location of a shop, restaurant or other company?
To this question, many people would answer: search on Google Maps!
That’s why it’s important to pin your business on Google Maps by creating a business listing.

1. Click the link below, tap the Start button, and sign in to the Google Account you’d like to use
for your Google My Business account.

Go to Google My Business

2. Complete the required fields for your company’s contact information.

3. Choose a validation method. You may only be offered validation by mail. You will receive by

post a postcard with the validation code to enter to complete your Google My Business listing.

Customize your Business Image on Google Maps and others

When you have a Google My Business account, your business listing appears when a user
searches for your business name in Google and Maps.

Your business listing includes your location on a map, your contact information, and business
hours, user reviews about you and a photo section.

In your Google My Business account, you can add a profile photo, a cover photo for your
Google+ account, and a logo that will appear in your business listing in Google and Maps.
You’re also invited to choose the first image that will be associated with your business on
Google and add company-specific images that will appear in Google and Maps in an image

It can be pictures of the inside or the outside of your establishment (for an overview of the
decoration and the atmosphere of your establishment), your products, your team or other.
The idea is to attract Internet users and make them want to move in your business or do
business with you.

To add images, simply sign in to your Google My Business account and click the Photos tab on
the menu.
Do not hesitate to update them regularly, according to the seasons and the news that you offer.

Add your menu, Services & Price Lists

If you are a restaurateur or caterer, you want your customers to have access to your menu and
prices directly through Google Maps. Identify the sections of your menu and put links to the
pages of your website that mention these meals.

If you have a service company, such as a hair salon or a beauty clinic, you can display your price
list according to the different packages offered.

Also add the different attributes that your customers might be looking for, such as whether you
offer free Wi-Fi or a sun terrace.
Because your customers will have more details about your business activities, they may be
more likely to visit your website, and this popularity may then benefit you in the search results.

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