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Should I Go for Video Marketing or Article Marketing?

Content marketing refers to the digital content focused to grab attention of the audience to increase the exposure and profitability of an idea or business. Content marketing reflects items that can be found on the network in form of infographics, images, videos and articles. In this post, we will talk about the advantages of videos and articles for content marketing, starting with video marketing.


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With 1.57 billion active monthly users, YouTube is the market leader in video hosting platforms. Therefore, any marketer can’t take a risk of missing video marketing on YouTube. So we’ll start our list of the benefits of using video marketing with YouTube.

Power of YouTube

Being a video library and one of the major search engines pertaining to videos, YouTube is sometimes even more relevant than Google itself when we seek this type of format and can be a good means to gain visibility. Through access to this video site, you can lead the users to reach to your website ultimately increasing traffic to your own website.

Help in SEO 

Videos have a fixed time, an advantage over the article, which controls how long the user stays on a page, which you know it better for gaining rankings in Google because its robots consider it as relevant content being able to retain its audience. Of course, the videos should be interesting to retain that audience. It is easier to keep the user until the end on a video as compared to an entire article, especially if it is long and you want user to spend several minutes on the page.

Link to the Audience 

The fact that the audience can see you helps in creating the much-coveted bond of trust.

Less Effort 

Another advantage of the video is little effort required for the users as they just make a click, watch and listen to the content, making it a more interactive medium that can break down the barrier that is created often to see long text before us for information.


Advantages of Article Marketing

Time is Money! 

Certainly, one of the advantages of article is saving time which is opposite to video, that just a few minute of video making entails hours and even days of production. This may involve the publication rate is reduced considerably, which leads many bloggers to do without this option for a major upgrade of their page

Benefits on SEO 

The text usually generates more visits to the audiovisual format, with exceptions of viral, etc. explicitly talking about SEO in general. Despite the value of the video, the written word is still very relevant to Google.

Collection of Information 

Either because you become a noted author or because you are an institution and publish a guide, written content can be more easily accessible and just needs to take the text directly from your polishing resource.

So Which One should I Choose?  

Well, both, videos and articles, are not exclusive and can coexist perfectly in one place. You can continue to maintain an interesting text, adding video for specific content that helps in making it more interesting. Creation of videos takes longer time and budget too. On the other hand, article writing and marketing are quicker and inexpensive. Thus, final decision will depend upon your available budget and time.


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