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Pin your Business to Google Maps to Improve SEO

Google My Business centralizes various Google services and allows businesses to add and edit a
variety of Google, Maps, and Google + related information in one place.

By creating a Google My Business account, you can add information that will be visible to
people when they search for you on Google, Maps, and Google +.

From this account, you can pin your business to a Google map, make sure your business hours
and phone number are displayed when people search for your business, allow your customers
to rate your business. Your business with stars (Google Reviews) and post comments about you,
By accessing your account, you can also view some statistics such as the number of routes
requests made to get to your business.

It’s all accessible via the web platform and the Google My Business app for iOS and Android,
and all you need is a Google email address to sign up for.
Google My Business allows you to manage your business presence on Google, Google Maps,
and Google + while giving you a window when people search for it. Plus, it’s free. Here are
some good reasons to open an account!

Pin your Business on Google Maps

What is your reflex when you want to find the location of a shop, restaurant or other company?
To this question, many people would answer: search on Google Maps!
That’s why it’s important to pin your business on Google Maps by creating a business listing.

1. Click the link below, tap the Start button, and sign in to the Google Account you’d like to use
for your Google My Business account.

Go to Google My Business

2. Complete the required fields for your company’s contact information.

3. Choose a validation method. You may only be offered validation by mail. You will receive by

post a postcard with the validation code to enter to complete your Google My Business listing.

Customize your Business Image on Google Maps and others

When you have a Google My Business account, your business listing appears when a user
searches for your business name in Google and Maps.

Your business listing includes your location on a map, your contact information, and business
hours, user reviews about you and a photo section.

In your Google My Business account, you can add a profile photo, a cover photo for your
Google+ account, and a logo that will appear in your business listing in Google and Maps.
You’re also invited to choose the first image that will be associated with your business on
Google and add company-specific images that will appear in Google and Maps in an image

It can be pictures of the inside or the outside of your establishment (for an overview of the
decoration and the atmosphere of your establishment), your products, your team or other.
The idea is to attract Internet users and make them want to move in your business or do
business with you.

To add images, simply sign in to your Google My Business account and click the Photos tab on
the menu.
Do not hesitate to update them regularly, according to the seasons and the news that you offer.

Add your menu, Services & Price Lists

If you are a restaurateur or caterer, you want your customers to have access to your menu and
prices directly through Google Maps. Identify the sections of your menu and put links to the
pages of your website that mention these meals.

If you have a service company, such as a hair salon or a beauty clinic, you can display your price
list according to the different packages offered.

Also add the different attributes that your customers might be looking for, such as whether you
offer free Wi-Fi or a sun terrace.
Because your customers will have more details about your business activities, they may be
more likely to visit your website, and this popularity may then benefit you in the search results.

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what is seo sem

When talking about SEO and SEM, people tend to confuse the two concepts. The most common question that comes to the mind is: Are they both the same thing or is there a difference? The truth is they are both different concepts but are usually integrated together. This article will cover both concepts in detail.

The basic question that arises is that what is SEO SEM? SEO is the abbreviated form of “Search Engine Optimization” while SEM stands for “Search Engine Marketing”. Now on to considering them separately.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short, is basically a set of rules that can be followed by website owners to optimize their websites for search engines and thus improve their search engine rankings. Which further helps in getting free traffic from search engines.

Moreover, it is a great way of making your website more user-friendly, faster and easier for the users to navigate through.


Considering today’s ever so competent market SEO is more important than it ever was. There are a couple of reasons why Search Engine Optimization really is important.

Firstly, people are more likely to click one of the top 5 suggestions in a result page. So, to gain visitors to your website you need to be in the “TOP 5”. This is where SEO plays its role.

Secondly, SEO is beneficial in socially promoting your website or online store. For example, if people find your website on Google or Yahoo they are more likely to promote it on Facebook or Twitter etc.

Thirdly, in a competitive market SEO can be a huge advantage. If two websites have the same thing to offer then the search engine optimized website is more likely to have more customers.

Moreover, good SEO application improves the user experience and usability of a website.


Search Engine Marketing is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPS) through free traffic (i.e. SEO) or paid advertising.


why is sem important?

Today, whenever we have a query the Internet is our go to solution for everything. Majority of our daily lives revolve around it.

Whenever we have a question, we turn to a search engine and type our query and we expect the search engine to return us a direct answer to the question or some resource.

Now majority of the users are going to click on the top results.

Search engine marketing is important because it is the process to follow to optimize your website so that it appears in the top positions.


This is one of the more confused topics.

Usually, SEO and SEM work hand in hand.

Search engine marketing is done through multiple techniques. These techniques are grouped into SEO and PSA (Paid Search Advertising).

SEO is a set of algorithms or a framework that are used to market a website. SEO makes a website more user-friendly. And the better the experience is for the user the more the website gains popularity and reaches its goal to be in the “top suggestions” of a search engine.


No business or website can survive on the Internet if it does not follow proper search engine marketing practices.

Both SEO and SEM are powerful tools to get your site to its maximum potential and boost your online presence.

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7 Things to Implement in Your Business in 2018

7 things implementation in your business

Whether you are a business veteran or someone who has recently started his or her entrepreneurial career, the beginning of a new quarter is the ideal time to analyze the operational mode of your business. 2018 has been a pretty eventful year in terms of the growth of small businesses. Speaking of which, reviewing the two quarters that has just passed will make you acknowledge the segments of your business where you would require making the necessary adjustments.

Since it is the beginning of the new quarter of 2018, it will be a great time to revise your business plan by taking a fresh look at your day-to-day operation including the important aspects of your business. As a business owner who is looking forward to the bright future in his or her business career, here are some of the things that you need to implement in your business in 2018:

 Plan a Retreat

No matter what is the size of your business, you should be always keen to support your team members as a valuable part of your company. After all, they are the ones who are the key persons behind the day to day operations of your business. The best way to compliment your team members for their contribution in your business is by organizing a retreat where they relax and unwind, while you will get the opportunity to discuss your sales game plan for the remaining part of the year. As a team, it is important to gather everyone at one place and identify the main targets that your business will march forward in the future. Be the facilitator of the retreat and the person who will arrange both the activities and the agendas. Apart from that, your team needs to understand each other too that will help them develop a sense of unity in the coming time.

 Plan a New Sales Strategy

Tweaking a fresh sales plan is probably one of the best things that you can do in 2018 that will help you in ending the year on a high note. In order to achieve this feat, you will need to sit with your sales team and discuss what will be your key offering to the marketplace that will help you in generating a good number of leads. When it comes to developing a new sales strategy, thinking about your market success is not the only parameter that needs to be considered. Evaluate the sales department and see whether you will need more salespersons to fuel up the sales pitching process and engage more tactfully with the clients. Also, think of how are going to settle your ongoing debt situation by consulting professionals and going through debt settlement reviews.

 Work on Your Promotional Campaign

Owing to the exceptional development in the sector of digital marketing, it is now important for every business to have its influence on the web. In addition, the rise of mobile devices and the dependency on the Internet with almost the planet browsing information at their fingertips make it pretty obvious for businesses to have their own website to be in the online marketing game. From organizing webinars to giveaways on Instagram, there is a lot that you can do in your online business promotional campaign. All you need to do is putting together a budget and identify the key platforms that will support your marketing strategies the best.

 Keep a Track of Your Customers

It goes without saying that customers are the brick and mortar of your sales funnel, which makes it really important to work on strategies that will help you in keeping them engaged in your business. Building a relationship with your target audience will help you in gaining some of the most loyal customers who will be an asset to you in the coming time. However, you will need to keep a track of your customers, which implicates that you should be aware of their needs and solving their queries. If you are solely focusing on how to make your product more interesting and fueling your sales funnel while overlooking the needs of your customers, you will end up losing them to your competitors in the market.

 Build a Strong Social Media Presence

With the rising popularity of social media channels such as Instagram and LinkedIn, it is critically important for a business to have its staunch presence on these platforms. Not only will it help you in earning new followers, but also it will allow you to create a broad spectrum of business opportunities. One such innovative idea that you can brainstorm is organizing a podcast and bring together a panel of geniuses from your industry to discuss the real-time issues and challenges that everyone is facing in your industry. This will help in boosting your social media influence and will help in drawing more attention, making you a set player of the game.

 Think of Email Marketing

It might come as a surprise to many, but email marketing has started making a comeback and with a very good reason. It helps businesses to create their customer information database where they can market their products, services, and giveaways in personal emails that have more chances of viewership. Moreover, with email marketing, you can market your discounts and offers more easily by wrapping them in the mail and sending them to targeted customers who are more likely to make a buying decision. Not only does it help in placing your marketing giveaways, but it also sparks repeat business.

 Give a Shot to Paid Ads

Investing in online ads is perhaps the best thing that you can do to fuel your sales funnel which is also a great method of marketing. It will help you in promoting your business in a much wider circle and reach out to a broader spectrum of audiences. With more people getting to know about your brand, it will be more likely to expand your follower base and increase more leads and conversions.


With two quarters gone in 2018, it is time to think of your profitability and what changes will help you in developing your business in a much better way. Adhere to these tips and implement them in your business, ensuring a better success rate in the coming year.

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Saying Hello to Hashtag for more of Instagram followers

Instagram followers can help

Saying Hello to Hashtag for more of Instagram followers

There are certain trends at present that have almost created frenzy amongst the virtual inhabitants nowadays. In other words, the common people, who are usually glued to the social media platforms for communicating and networking, are very much engrossed with features known as Hashtag. This is more prevalent in the Twitter platform but the same has spread in the various other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well. This hashtag indicates a specific and special identity related to a particular event that makes it more popular throughout the web as people share this in their walls and gradually, the followers keep following. Quite evidently, this technique can be fruitfully utilized for promoting a business as this will increase the Instagram followers that will in turn enhance the required return on investment.

 How hash tagging can help?

Hashtag can help instagram followers

Starting from very basic conversations, opinions, contents, posts, etc. in the social media platforms to serious news, activisms, business advertising, endorsements and the like, the hashtag has become very much prominent these days. Consequently, this particular feature that was initially Twitter based can be intelligently used in Instagram as well. As an innovative idea of digital marketing plan, the Instagram can just be the ‘picture-perfect’ platform in the true sense of the term for the businesses to market their products and/or services and the brands as a whole. This is because if a particular firm, organization or a company can gather the maximum number of Instagram followers, then half the job of marketing gets done because these people will in turn spread the word through their own walls and the web of network will grow accordingly. People will become aware and even get encouraged to buy the products or avail the services also. So, why not make it count in the most professional way?

Given under are some advantages of using more and more hashtagsin the business contents in the Instagram posts so as to attract the prospective eyes towards the same.

  • Often there are some hashtags that go wild over the social media platforms and almost every single person having a presence in these platforms keep using these for giving their opinions or posting comments. Therefore, these hashtags then can be used in the contents or advertisements of the businesses in the Instagram platform for gathering Instagram followers.
  • It is better to chalk out the number of hashtags that can be used for the business promotion purposes. In other words, whether a single hashtag or a number of hashtags can be used for creating the contents of the Instagram posts because more the number of popular hashtags, more the number of followers for Instagram.
  • It is better to carry out a research before crafting the content for promotion and the research ought to include an analysis of the trending hashtags as well. This will enable in narrowind down the targeted audience for the particular product and/or services along with the brand.

Author’s Bio: Daniel Mattei is a popular blogger and has written this post on instagram. One of the most widely used social media platforms is Instagram and so, presently this is being used an important tool for marketing. The businesses can gather Instagram followers and accelerate their reach across the public.

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